The Finnish powerhouse has been making lures since the 1930s. They are famous for their floating minnows which are always a great way to catch fish. The creator of this company was named Lauri Rapala, a Finnish man, he made the now famous observation that “big fish eat little fish”. The first lure that he made was made from a cork. Such a simple lure for something that has pioneered the entire fishing community. These lures are the most popular lure brand in the country.

Not only does this company make lures but they also make fishing apparel, fishing tools, and a lot of ice fishing equipment. If the fishing world didn’t have Rapala it would not be the same. Rapala make topwater lures, crankbait, and swimbait. They come in many vibrant colours and sizes. Often, they have red painted on their underbelly to imitate blood to make the minnow look wounded. These lures target bass or pike but can catch anything else that feed on the surface. The reason these lures are so popular is because they are well made, and they look nice too. They are painted so precisely and with much detail.