Fish Profile: Largemouth Bass


Largemouth bass have very robust looking bodies. They have a deep body with big mouths. They are usually green in colour gradually getting lighter towards the belly. They have a dark green horizontal band running the length of the body. The younger largemouth have more prominent bands than the older ones. They have spines on their top at the dorsal fin and at the bottom. Usually bass in Blue Lake are about 1.5 pounds but there are 2-4 pound fish as well they are just harder to catch.

Largemouth bass range over most of eastern North America, from the Great Lakes down to Mexico. These fish like to stay near the shore where there is the most food. They like warm water so shallow water is good for them. They like to be among the weedy patches in a lake as well as fallen trees and docks. They like to have cover. They also like clear water as well as slow moving water. They like clear water because it is easier to see their prey and they like weeds because it is easier to hide from predators. Largemouth are quite tolerant to lower water quality.

Largemouth bass eat a large variety of things such as minnows, worms, frogs, and even ducklings. With their big mouths, they can eat quite a lot of different things. When they are younger, they eat more plankton and small things like insects and when they are older, they eat the bigger things. These fish eat more than sunfish or rock bass because since they are bigger they have less predators and more prey.

These fish spawn in the spring when the water temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius. The male makes the nest for the female to release her eggs in. The fish reach sexual maturity at about 4 months of age. The male guards the eggs before they hatch and continue guarding for about one month until the offspring are independent. They usually take about three days to hatch. The offspring will grow until they reach about five to six years old.

Largemouth bass are heavily prized fish among fishermen. They look great and they are quite big. They are one of the most popular game fish in North America because they are nice looking people even get them mounted on their wall as a souvenir. They are incredibly popular in the southern states like Florida since they get so big in the warm climate.


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